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There is an unmet need in your local community – Dorothy House is only caring for just over half of the people estimated as having an end of life care need.

With your help, we can and will bridge the care gap!

We are calling for all Dorothy House Champions to help fundraise for your neighbourhood, ensuring your local community gets the care it deserves. You, your friends, family or neighbours may one day need end of life care or bereavement support, and we want to be there for you all.

Sign up below or keep reading for more information on how you can support the appeal.


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On Sunday 3 November, a fundraising super-sprint will begin…


Our group of Champions will reach out to their networks through phone, text, social media and email, asking for support to help Bridge the Gap in vital hospice care.


Donations will be directed to your unique fundraising page, contributing to the local target.

Thanks to our amazing matched funders, appeal donations will be doubled*

*Matched Funding will be awarded up to the total funding amount available. Donations received after the matched funding has been met will be gratefully received but not eligible within this funding offer.

Becoming a Dorothy House Champion - what do you need to do?

Sign up!

Share with us your details by completing the form linked in the ‘SIGN UP HERE‘ button below. You can also email bridgethegap@dorothyhouse-hospice.org.uk and we’ll send you everything you need to be a Champion.

Sunday 3 Nov 10am - kick off!

Share our messages and your individual fundraising page link with your network (we will make sure you have everything you need to do this). Keep going, contacting anyone and everyone you can during the 36 hours.


Sit back and watch the donations come in for your local community.

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Get in touch

We have listed some FAQs about the Bridge the Gap Appeal below, but if you have any further queries or questions you can:

Email: bridgethegap@dorothyhouse-hospice.org.uk

Telephone: 01225 721480

Bridge the Gap Appeal FAQs

Q: What is Charity Extra?

A: Charity Extra is a unique service-based, digital community crowdfunding platform different to any other you may have come across. They offer an advanced platform that allows charities to keep more, whilst benefiting from the power of crowd-giving.

Q: When is the appeal running?

A: The Bridge the Gap Appeal will go live at 10am Sunday 3 November and finish at 10pm Monday 4 November.

Q: What is the fundraising goal?

A: We hope to raise an amazing £350,000 in total. Throughout the duration of the appeal, donations will be doubled, thanks to our matched funders*.

*1 Matched Funding will be awarded up to the total funding amount available. Donations received after the matched funding has been met will be gratefully received but not eligible within this funding offer.

Each neighbourhood has their own fundraising goal which will be channelled towards the overall goal. This will be clearly visible on our appeal pages.

Q: There are six neighbourhoods for this appeal, does this cover the whole of the Dorothy House region?

A: We are a small team, so we have selected six neighbourhoods within our patch this year, and will be focusing on the remaining neighbourhoods next year. Our support does not waver for the other neighbourhoods as we continue to fundraise in other ways across our full service region.

Q: Champions are signing up to fundraise for a “defined location and surrounding area”. Can I still be a champion if I don’t live in one of the selected areas for this year?

A: Yes absolutely! Although we are fundraising for selected neighbourhoods during the 2024 appeal, your support is so welcome. No matter where you live, helping us bridge the gap of unmet community care need is appreciated. We need as many Champions as we can get – thank you for joining us.

Q: What is Matched Funding?

A: We have an amazing group of funders who will be pledging donations towards this appeal, doubling donations received during the 36hr appeal. Any person that donates will see their donation double at the point of payment. Once the pot of matched funding has been used, people can still donate but their donation will not be doubled.

Q: What percentage do Charity Extra take from donations?

A: Nothing at all from the Matched Funding. They then take a flat 5% fee from donations received on their platform, plus a standard processing fee (in line with any other platform we use). Please do remember that without this expert funding tool and support we would not be able to raise funds this way.

Q: When will I get sent a link to my donation page?

A: You will receive a link to your own team’s donation page on 2 November.

Q: Why can’t we get the link earlier and start getting donation now?

A: You are welcome to tell people about the appeal, and the amazing work being done here at Dorothy House in advance, but we want to save all the excitement for the 3 November to really make the magic happen. So our appeal page will go live on the 3 November and we will send you the link the night before.

Q: Will you supply me with wording for a text, WhatsApp message, social media post or email?

A: Yes, we will be sending out our recommended messaging, which you can edit. This will be sent to you on Saturday evening with the personal link to your donation page.

Q: Can people also donate with cash or cheques, or is it only via the CharityExtra website.

A: Yes, we can accept cash and cheques, if you need any help with this please do call the fundraising office on 01225 721 480 or email supportercareteam@dorothyhouse-hospice.org.uk

Q: Who should cheques be made out to?

A: Dorothy House

Q: Can donations be made over the phone or by bank?

A: Yes, but anyone who wishes to donate this way should give us a call on our fundraising number 01225 721480.

Q: Will I be notified when someone donates to my page?

A: Yes, you will receive an email notification. If somebody chooses to donate anonymously on the public page, you will still be notified about their donation.

You will be able to track the number of gifts and how your page is doing in real time throughout the duration of the appeal.

Q: What do I do in the run-up to the appeal?

A: Nothing! We will be in touch a week before the campaign. We will be hosting open information evenings if you would like to attend, details will be emailed to you. These are just to say thank you again, and answer any final questions people may have. This is not compulsory of course but we do recommend it. If you have any questions in the meantime, please get in touch.

However if you know anyone else ho could make a great champion, please share the appeal with them and spread the word!

Q: What is my role during the appeal itself?

A: On the morning of the appeal itself, 3 November, you will send out the messaging to all of your contacts to ask them to support and donate to the Dorothy House “Bridge the Gap Appeal” We will provide all the template wording for you as well as video links about our work that you are welcome to use.

During the 36 hours we ask you to contact as many people as possible, as many times as you are comfortable with over as many mediums you can think of. This is about creating a ripple effect, loads of people donating at the same time, encouraging others to do the same.

If you have any further questions about the appeal, please do call or email any time! 01225 721480 supportercareteam@dorothyhouse-hospice.org.uk