Set up a Tulip Fund

Setting up your Tulip Fund is simple, and once set up it can provide a focal point for family and friends to share thoughts and memories, as well as light candles, add photos, videos and music; even continue celebrating birthdays and anniversaries – and if you like, you can fundraise to help us continue our vital work.

The money raised will help provide palliative and end of life care when it is needed most.


Share some details about yourself and your loved ones


Upload some photos or videos of memories you have together


Share your Tulip Fund so that others can leave memories and raise money

Create a Tulip fund

Find a Tulip Fund

Find a Tulip Fund

If you are looking for a specific Tulip Fund, please use our guest search facility below. Simply type in the individual’s name you are looking for and press search. If you are struggling to find a specific fund, please contact…

Tulip Fund

Tulip Fund

  Dorothy House Tulip Funds have been in existence for 15 years and in that time donations to Tulip Funds have helped provide vital care directly to our community when it is needed most – a true legacy. We are…