Elf Run

Make the Elf Run part of your school or nursery's Christmas fun!

This event is full of silliness, joy, energy and laughter! And it's entirely customisable to fit your children. 

An Elf Run is a straight-forward, energising and hugely entertaining fun-run. Participants can run, skip, jog or even hop their way round a route of your choice.

Hold the run as part of a PE lesson, or task your students with finding out how far elves would have to run from your school to reach the North Pole? Distances can be differentiated for age groups and abilities, and the elf theme can be incorporated into a multitude of activities and lessons.

Of course, the part guaranteed to put a smile on every child’s face is seeing all their friends and teachers running around wearing elf hats! It’s never not funny.

We will provide everything you need to hold a fantastic event! All we ask is that you raise as much money as you can to help us care for patients in our community who have life-limiting illnesses. We need your help more than ever to ensure families can continue to receive the support they need from us at the most difficult of times. Every single penny your school or nursery raises makes a big difference to us!

How do we get involved? 

Register your interest

    Then, pick any date in November or December to hold your Elf Run that suits your school or nursery.

    How much does it cost?

    The event is FREE and you’ll receive a FREE event pack with everything you need to promote and host your Elf Run! The pack includes:  

    • Elf hats for each person taking part (adults and children)
    • A video message from Jo Muir (GB olympic modern pentathlete) to use in a lesson or assembly to help build excitement about the run and tell students about Dorothy House
    • Posters to promote the run
    • Printed sponsorship forms
    • Certificate of achievement to display after your event 

     And, at Elf HQ (aka the Dorothy House Fundraising office!) we’ll support you all the way. We have oodles of ideas for hosting your event, tips for engagement and we can help you set up an online fundraising page.

    Is there a minimum or maximum number who can take part?

    The Elf Run can suits groups of just one class to the whole school or nursery, and even parents and families can get involved too! Your Elf Run can be as big or as exclusive as you wish.

    And – as a bonus – it’s easy to make your event a virtual challenge for each child to complete one weekend.

    Only you know what will work best for your school or nursery but we are here to support you so that you can hold the safest, most enjoyable run this Christmas.