Free Will service

January is free Will review month at Dorothy House

You have a fairly up-to-date Will, don’t you? I ask because most surveys show that barely half of UK adults have a Will, and of those that do, the majority are outdated!

Having an out-of-date Will can cause needless problems for your family and executors after your death. And, it will almost certainly cost your executors more time, trouble and money to sort out, which can be prevented by revising it now.

It’s recommended that a Will should be reviewed at least once every 5 years. In that time various details may have changed: family births, marriages and deaths, the charities you support, your executors may need updating or you may have won the lottery and done some financial planning! Watch this video to see if your Will does what you want it to do: https://vimeo.com/481267044

When reviewing their Will, some of our supporters have decided to leave a gift to Dorothy House. Once you’ve taken care of your family and friends, a gift to our Hospice will enable us to continue providing outstanding care to those in our community, for many years to come. Even 1% of your estate could make a life changing difference for us.

Why not speak to a Solicitor to review your own situation? Our estate planning partner, McClure Solicitors, offer a FREE Will Review consultation – they call this a ‘Safety Check’!

And in case you’re reading this and you don’t have a Will yet, don’t worry. McClure will write your Will for free if you are a Dorothy House supporter. All they ask is that you consider giving a donation to the Hospice.

Don’t leave your Will review until tomorrow- you’ll forget. Let us help you tick one resolution off your list; arrange for a review of your Will today. To make your appointment call McClure Solicitors on Freephone 0800 852 1999, or by email at contactus@mcclure-solicitors.co.uk


How to get in touch 

Just call 0800 852 1999 or email : contactus@mcclure-solicitors.co.uk to start the conversationAnd, to find out more about McClure Solicitors you can visit their website  here