Wider support

Did you know that we are the leading provider of training for end of life care in our area? As well as ensuring our workforce is fully equipped to best serve our community, our Education Team arranges external training for other health and social care professionals, such as district nurses, carers and GPs.

A life-limiting illness affects the individual’s body, mind, spirit, wellbeing, finances, families, friends and carers. Our education programme strives to improve skills, knowledge and attitude in all of these areas. Our team of skilled clinicians works alongside our dedicated Education Team. They are passionate about sharing their knowledge and experience, ensuring all activities are delivered with integrity and relevance to local need.

“All sessions gave me new knowledge and understanding of different situations that I will carry into my future practice” – Course participant


  • Communication Skills: Suitable for all, this full-day course looks at the principles of clear communication and covers a variety of different communication techniques
  • Dementia training: Suitable for all, this half-day course covers the complexities of looking after people with dementia, raising awareness and understanding
  • Symptom management: Aimed at health and social care professionals, this full-day course looks at the symptoms most commonly experienced in palliative care, and how best to manage them
  • Palliative care in marginalised groups: This course focuses on the inequalities in health care, and how this may impact individuals and their families


Non-Dorothy House patients benefit indirectly from our knowledge and expertise when their health the social care professionals attend our training courses. That is why we provide education and development opportunities – to build competence and confidence for anyone working in end of life and palliative care. Non-Dorothy House patients benefit indirectly from our knowledge and expertise when the health and social care professionals who provide their care, attend our training courses. Although we are not directly involved with these patients, their providers are better equipped to support more people across our region with the quality end of life care that each of us deserves.

For more information, contact our Education Team on: 01225 722 988
or email: education@dorothyhouse-hospice.org.uk