What to do when someone dies

Whatever you are feeling when your loved one has died is natural. Take your time and don’t rush. The time after someone dies can be extremely overwhelming and busy, you need to look after yourself throughout.

Once your loved one has died and you have noted the time of death; you may wish to respond in a way which is appropriate to you at this time.

You may wish to carry out a particular ritual or ceremony, if there is one important to you or the person who has died or you may wish to simply sit quietly and be with the person.

Once you are ready you will need to do the following:
Call your GP to confirm death

The doctor will visit your house and check for vital signs – this is a legal requirement. If death has occurred out-of-hours (during the night) you may be offered a visit in the morning, unless you feel waiting is too difficult.


Phone your chosen funeral director

Your loved one may have made arrangements or maybe you discussed this process with them. Call the funeral directors and they will make further arrangements for you.

Funeral Directors are incredibly helpful and will be able to answer any questions, no matter how unusual the question, make sure you ask – they are their to help.

The body can remain in the house for a while, if viewing is preferred and dependent on the deceased’s culture and religious wishes.


Registering the death

This needs to be completed within five days. Bereavement Advice has some useful information.