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Please share your stories to help us celebrate our 40th birthday

We'd love to hear about what Dorothy House means to you

Many people struggle with the idea of a hospice and don’t understand what goes on behind closed doors. The majority of people believe that it is a sad place, and yes, at times it can be sad – but it is also a place of life and laughter.

We are always trying to change people’s perceptions and alleviate fears and in our 40th year of providing care we want to tell everyone about what we do and why we do it. The most effective way we can do this is by sharing stories of those who have experienced our care and support first hand.

We use patient and family stories in our leaflets, presentations, occasionally in press releases, but most importantly we use them to help other prospective patients understand our work. We would love to hear about you and your journey with us.

So we know roughly where you are in our catchment area

Please let us know specifically if there are any objects or places that relate to your story

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