Sharing consent

We use an electronic patient record system called SystmOne. If the patient decides to take up any offer of our support, for administrative and professional practice purposes we will need to record and store a certain amount of personal information about them on this database. This will include their name, address, date of birth, GP and consultations with professionals. We’re a multi-disciplinary team so all staff involved in their care need to have access to their records in order to provide co-ordinated and appropriate care and support.

If the patient is  receiving support from us and if any of their healthcare professionals i.e. district nurses, GP practice and other health and social care staff also use SystmOne as their clinical database system, we encourage full sharing of clinical information. This has many benefits which are outlined in the following downloadable leaflet Consent to share records (PDF, 1MB), which also explains how information can be safely shared between the different organisations.

Patient permission

Any personal identifiable information Dorothy House records about the patient will only be shared with their permission. It will only be shared with relevant hospital teams or other health and social care staff involved in their care. It might be necessary to talk the patient if sensitive information needs to be shared.

If the patient would prefer us never to share any information with other health and social care professionals, please let us know and we will record and abide by this wish. It is only in exceptional circumstances, that we are required by the law to share patient information, without their permission, but this is a rare scenario e.g. if there is a need to protect an individual from serious harm, or a crime has been committed.

The Data Protection Act (1998) gives the patient the right to see their records. For more information see Information Commissioner’s Office website.

Monitoring our standard of care

The Care Quality Commission, which has a legal duty to monitor the standard of the care we provide, asks that we give them the contact details of patients and their carer/close family member referred to us so that they are able, prior, or following an inspection visit, to contact patients to discuss the care they or their  relative have received. If they do not wish us to provide them with this please can you inform us via our Informatics Department on 01225 721 486 or dhhc.dorothyhouse-referrals@nhs.net

NHS Data Management

In order to receive our proportion of NHS funding we have to provide a certain amount of anonymised data (i.e. information that can not be linked with any one individual) to the Clinical Commissioning Groups and Commissioning Support Unit with whom we have a contract. Anonymised data is also used for audit and service improvement projects as we continually strive to improve and develop our services.