Funding for new Community Palliative Care Clinics

We are thrilled to have received the support of several charitable trusts and foundations to help us launch a new series of community-based clinics, helping to make our specialist care more local and accessible.

In 2020, a need and opportunity was identified to launch 10 new Community Palliative Care Clinics across the 700 square miles served by Dorothy House. The aim of the clinics is to bring specialist care closer to peoples’ homes, offering support, advice and guidance to more people affected by life-limiting illnesses. Our hope is that by encouraging patients and families to access this support at an early stage in their diagnosis we can help them live well for longer, dispel fears about hospice care, and improve access to our wide range of supportive services.

Thanks to the generous support of several charitable trusts and foundations, we are now able to progress plans to open the clinics, and hope to have all 10 up and running during 2022.

Our deep appreciation goes to the James Tudor Foundation, the Margaret Fisher Charitable Trust, Chippenham Borough Lands Charity and Melksham Town Council for their belief in the importance of this exciting development in our care.  Without such support, the opening of these clinics would simply not have been possible.