Verification or Confirmation of Expected Death

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The course covers the roles and responsibilities of the health care professional, and enables them to understand the theory behind verification (or confirmation) of expected death.

Course delivery

This session will be delivered by Kate Tyas

As one of our practice educators, Kate works both as a staff nurse within the inpatient unit and also part of the education team. This valuable role ensures that educational practices are kept up to date, and her role within education means that she has knowledge of the realistic nature of working with patients in the current climate of care.

Who should attend?

Any Registered Practitioners who work with people who are at the End of their Life.

Course details

This course allows Health care practitioners to understand the legal and professional guidelines around the correct care for someone who has died.

It looks at the RCN guidelines and discusses correct procedure in verifying and reporting am expected death.

Confirmation of death | Advice guides | Royal College of Nursing (

Course content

The following aspects will be covered:

  • To understand the professional and legal frameworks around timely verification of expected adult deaths.
  • To enable staff to adequately and appropriately care for people who have died.
  • To understand how to support and advise family or friends at the time of an expected death.