Writing hour

Open to the community

We invite you to discover this new online writing space. It’s a place where you can drop in with paper and pen, your thoughts and a cuppa. Whether you’ve always kept a journal and writing is a part of your life or if writing for wellbeing is entirely new for you and you’re a little hesitant. This space is for you.

The group meets on Friday mornings at 10.30am on Zoom.

After the success of the Writing Through Grief workshops, the Family Support Team is offering this group to everyone in our community to bring their differing and varied experiences of the last year and lockdown.

A writing theme will be offered each week in a relaxed group setting, with time to chat and reflect. This group focuses on the process of writing, not creating a polished end product. You can use your own words to freely explore each theme as you feel comfortable. There will be opportunities — but no obligation — to share your writing with the group.

This group encourages you to:

  • Witness your own thoughts and feelings through a variety of writing activities
  • Uncover surprises and memories, give clarity to thoughts and bring reassurance
  • Step back from the present, then return to it after writing
  • Hear other people’s stories of finding peace through writing.

In a time where many of us are feeling a sense of isolation and distance from others, we encourage you to join us in writing together.