Social Work

Our Social Workers can support patients, their families and carers with issues around housing, care and finances – including funding of care. We can help you to think ahead, and offer information, advice and support.

Being unwell can lead to extra expense, such as higher heating bills and travel costs to appointments. These costs may coincide with a reduction in working hours or the loss of a job.

Social services: Welfare rights

Our Welfare Rights Team is partnered with the Citizens’ Advice Bureau to provide advice on financial issues for our patients and their carers. Together, we can help patients maximise their income by helping to claim appropriate grants and benefits, and by advising on reducing expenditure through fuel tariffs and debt advice for instance.

Social services: Accommodation and equipment support

Some symptoms can make living in a particular home more difficult. Patients in rented accommodation might prefer to move – our Social Workers can help with this.

Our Social Workers can also offer advice and information about getting care and equipment at home, or about choosing a residential or nursing home. We can advise patients, or refer on their behalf, to Adult Social Care for a care assessment and possible funding.

Social services: Care support

Patients might need to find care or support beyond family, friends and Dorothy House. The financial side of this can be worrying. We can talk through options ahead of time so patients know what is available and how it can be paid for.