Mission, Vision and Values

Our mission statement

To ensure that everyone has access to outstanding palliative and end of life care

Our vision

A society where death is a part of life

Our values


  • by placing patients, families and carers at the centre of all our work
  • by being responsive and accessible to all
  • by demonstrating respect, dignity and compassion for all
  • by nurturing and valuing our workforce


  • by striving to retain our status as the partner of choice for palliative and end of life care
  • by investing time, energy and resources into genuine sustainable partnerships, both current and new
  • by being at one with the communities we serve


  • by being pioneering in our approach
  • by ensuring that we are well-led, disciplined and aligned at every level
  • by celebrating our successes
  • by learning from our mistakes

Financial stewardship

  • by being commercially astute
  • by pursuing new sources of sustainable income
  • by being agile, credible and responsive to change
  • by recognising that our time is our greatest expense, we will use it when it is needed most