Chronic Pain

The following videos have been provided to help healthcare professionals in the assessment and management of chronic pain, in the context of palliative and end of life care.

These videos offer suggestions on how to optimise clinical interactions between the healthcare professional and the person with pain.

While these videos specifically relate to patients at end of life, we have had independent verification that they have wider relevance in supporting all patients experiencing chronic pain.

Introduction to chronic pain in palliative care

An introduction to chronic pain within a palliative care setting. Presented by Specialty Doctor, Heidi Leeder. Introduction by David Wynick.

Potential flags of total or complete pain in palliative care

Information on potential flags to look out for when speaking with a patient.

Overview and best practice

An overview of chronic pain in palliative care with some tips for best practice.

Conversational tips

Here we look at some great conversational examples that you can use with your patients.