Tulip Standard – First graduations!

  • 7 September, 2022
  • News

Working in the Hospice and community with palliative and end of life patients and their families is a complex and challenging role. In order to better support our workforce, and ensure a high standard of care across our community, we now provide a formal training course for our care staff as well as our registered clinical staff at Dorothy House.

The “Tulip Standard” essentials of care incorporates the full remit of general care training focussing on person-centered care, privacy and dignity and also specific training in palliative and end of life care. It includes clinical skills such as catheter care, syringe driver awareness and also areas such as complimentary therapy. The course takes 3 months to complete and comprises 6 full days of training and a competency booklet for theory and practice sign off. On completion, the individual is awarded a Tulip Standard Essentials of Care certificate and pin badge. The first round of the course has just finished, with 10 staff receiving their certificate and pin badge. A further 18 are currently undertaking the course. As well as being open to existing staff, all new non-registered clinical staff joining Dorothy House will complete the course as part of their induction.

Claire Prendergast, Lead Research Nurse at Dorothy House, said “The students have brought a wealth of experience and personal reflections which has added depth to the learning. By sharing, they have developed a deeper understanding of their roles and the similarities and differences across the disciplines.”

Julia Harper, Hospice at Home carer said, “I found the Tulip Standard training course so valuable, taking on-board all the information and knowledge from our dedicated team of trainers. It has given me the confidence and reassurance to deliver hospice at home care.”