Nurse Specialists

Our team of experienced, registered Dorothy House Nurse Specialists make it possible for patients to be cared for at home. They’re often people’s first point of contact with Dorothy House (DH). They give advice and support to patients at home, in DH Clinics, in community hospitals and in residential and nursing homes.

Our nurses work closely with GPs, community nurses, hospital staff and other healthcare professionals to provide a high standard of care for complex needs, and to support people in adjusting their lifestyles due to a life-limiting illness. They can also refer to other DH services that may be appropriate to support patients.

Dorothy House Nurse Specialists are experts in palliative care. They can offer expert advice on:
  • pain
  • nausea or vomiting
  • constipation
  • fatigue
  • breathlessness
  • sleeping/eating problems
  • other symptoms related to illness.
They also:
  • give people an opportunity to talk about their fears and anxieties, and to discuss wishes and preferences for future care.
  • share their knowledge with carers, the patient’s family, and healthcare professionals, and enable them to give high quality care.
  • provide advice and assistance in claiming entitled benefits
  • support families and carers, including in the early days following a bereavement.