Financial worries and the Welfare Advice Team

Money can be one of the biggest worries when someone becomes ill. Your financial circumstances may change dramatically and you may be worrying about how to pay for essentials like your rent, council tax or mortgage. Your costs may also increase with higher heating bills or travelling to appointments and you yourself may be having to reduce your working hours or stopping work.


If you are anxious about your financial situation, are worried about the future or about how you will pay for a funeral, please tell us. We can refer you to our Welfare Advice Team which is provided by the Citizen’s Advice Bureau (CAB) in partnership with Macmillan and Dorothy House Hospice Care. They are specialists in this area and can:

  • provide benefits advice
  • help you plan your financial future
  • advise on bank accounts, wills and powers of attorney
  • establish any sick pay or insurance entitlements
  • apply for grants
  • give advice about reducing your expenditure
  • give general advice relating to debt, housing and employment


If you need specialist financial advice relating, for example, to Pensions or Life Insurance and the person you care for has cancer, the Welfare Advice Team can also refer you to Macmillan’s Financial Advice Service.


If you want to be referred to the Welfare Advice Team, please tell your key contact at Dorothy House and we can refer you. Once you have been referred to the Team, they will be in touch with you directly.