Work and caring

Juggling work and caring is not easy. You may feel your only option is to give up work. It’s important to think about how this will affect your life, and to consider the social aspects of being at work. Initially it may be a good idea to think about reducing your hours to better balance your work with caring.

You have the right to take a ‘reasonable amount’ of time off work to deal with an emergency involving a dependent – it is up to your employer whether this is paid or unpaid. You also have the right to ask your employer for flexible working, such as part-time hours or working from home. It is important to think about your needs as a carer and the needs of the job, before making a request.

Tell your employer you are looking after someone. Think about your needs and how your employer could support you. This might include:

  • Days off for emergencies and appointments
  • Working part time or different hours
  • Working from home occasionally