Our services are for anyone over the age of 18 (and their family or carer) with an active, progressive and advanced disease which is life-limiting.

Is Dorothy House suitable for your patient or carer?

The following list is not exhaustive, a person can be referred for support for the following reasons:
  • Holistic assessment and multi-professional management of complex symptoms
  • Symptoms may be physical, psychological and/or spiritual
  • Support with Advance Care Planning (ACP) when preparing for the future due to the diagnosis of a life-limiting condition
  • Support and information for patients and their carers
  • Hospice at Home care
Patients admitted to the Inpatient Unit usually have the need for:
  • Assessment and multi-professional management of complex, often unstable, symptoms, both physical and psychological
  • Psycho-social support including complex support needs where a situation at home has become untenable but can be improved/managed
  • Palliative rehabilitation
  • Respite care – both planned and acute
  • Terminal care (within the last 1-2 weeks of life)

Support for healthcare professionals caring for patients with advanced illness or facing the end of life can be obtained by calling our Clinical Coordination Centre on 0345 0130 555 (Monday-Friday, 8-6pm; Saturday-Sunday 9am-5pm). Please also use this number if you would like to discuss whether a patient or carer/relative meets our criteria.


Making a referral

You can make a referral in the following ways:

Please attach recent letters, scan and blood test results and any other relevant information, so that we can assess and prescribe treatment and care appropriately. Failing to do so may delay the processing of the referral.

  • SystmOne – If you are a SystmOne user for further information about the process click here

The process

When a referral is received it is triaged by the registered nurses in our Clinical Coordination Centre. After triage each referral is given a priority classification to determine how quickly a person will be seen by one of our teams. The following are guidelines and the timescale is often quicker, but never delayed.

Urgent (1-2 days)
Soon (within 7 days)
Routine (within 14 days)