Syringe Drivers Introduction

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The course is designed to give an overview for Healthcare Professionals or non-registered staff who care for people who may be given syringe drivers for symptom management.

It will contain the following:

  • Discussion around why and when syringe drivers are needed and used
  • To gain an understanding of how to approach the conversation with the patient and family members, and giving the appropriate information
  • To build confidence and skills in setting up and caring for a syringe driver (McKinley T34, Micral & Surefuser)
Course delivery

This session will be delivered by Kate Tyas

As one of our practice educators, Kate works both as a staff nurse within the inpatient unit and also part of the education team. This valuable role ensures that educational practices are kept up to date, and her role within education means that she has knowledge of the realistic nature of working with patients in the current climate of care.

Who should attend?

For any person caring for someone whose symptom management may include using a syringe driver.

Course details

This two hour face to face course is for any Healthcare Professional who would like to have more knowledge around the use of syringe drivers, why and when they are used and how. There is a practical element to this course.

Supported by the Ambitions Framework (NHS England » Ambitions for Palliative and End of Life Care: A national framework for local action 2021-2026)

Ambition Three: That states:

“Maximising comfort and wellbeing

My care is regularly reviewed and every effort is made for me to have the support, care and treatment that might be needed to help me to be as comfortable and as free from distress as possible.”

Ambition Five:

All staff are prepared to care

Wherever I am, health and care staff bring empathy, skills and expertise and give me competent, confident and compassionate care.

Course content

The course includes information giving, and a practical element of working with syringe drivers

The following aspects will be covered:

  • To gain an understanding of the indications for use of syringe drivers
  • To increase knowledge of the medications used in syringe drivers
  • To gain an understanding of the information to give patients and relatives before commencing a syringe drivers
  • To build confidence and skills in setting up and caring for a syringe drivers (McKinley T34, Micral & Surefuser)