A new purpose – Lyn’s story

After being in remission from breast cancer for nine years, Lyn was diagnosed with an incurable form of cancer.

Whilst experiencing the highs of visiting her son in Australia once the borders opened after the pandemic, Lyn hit rock bottom and became suicidal when receiving her diagnosis on her return to the UK.

Following support from Dave, our Spiritual Support Lead, Lyn found a new purpose in her life and shares her reflections on her care here at Dorothy House as an inpatient and within the community. 

"There's not one member of staff here that hasn't shown me love, compassion. They've been beside me, they've held my hand, they've cuddled me when I needed it. They've laughed; they've left me alone when I've needed it. This place is just outstanding.

You don't have to come here to die. I was a bit apprehensive when I first came in that it might be my last stop but I'm going home today and it's not my last stop.

Every level - whether they're cleaning your room or taking your bloods - they're all the same level to me. And every single one of them has just been amazing."

Spiritual support

"I've got to put a special, special mention out to Dave, your spiritualist."

Dave helped Lyn to visualise that whilst her cancer is a "shadow in the corner" of the room, this shadow is a symbol of defiance for Lyn as she continues to live a fulfilled life with her family.