Christmas Appeal 2022

  • 16 January, 2023
  • News

When someone is living with a life limiting illness, the promise of a Christmas full of joy, laughter and togetherness becomes even more important. In our Christmas Appeal this year, we asked you to help us make sure patients and their families in our area were able to celebrate the best Christmas possible.

Christmas Appeal Fundraising Total

We are so proud to share that together you have raised an incredible £41,000 in our Christmas Appeal! We are deeply grateful for all the unique and personal moments that your donations helped to create this Christmas. These moments will become such special memories for family and loved ones in the future.

When a patient is reaching their final days, it’s so important that they can spend their time as comfortably and contentedly as possible, with the people they love.

Messages of support

In the Appeal, we asked you to send us your paper chains, or a message to write on them, so we could display them at the Hospice for all to enjoy. Over Christmas, the paperchains were hung on the tree in our reception at Winsley. Your kind messages of support and love for your friends and family and our staff were very moving. It is such a privilege to be able to look after our community, especially at Christmas, which can be such a difficult time of year for lots of people.

Dorothy House Christmas Appeal paper chain messages

Thank you for your kindness and generosity and for making sure more local families can enjoy the precious time they have with their loved ones.

Sustaining our services

To meet the rising demand for our care, we are asking dedicated supporters to join our Monthly Givers. By donating £6 per month for a year, you could fund an expert counsellor to run a support group session for young adults with a life-limiting illness, helping them feel less alone.

Regular Giving Dorothy House

If you are able, you could choose to donate £10 per month, funding a nurse’s time speaking on our telephone Advice Line. Each month reassuring, advising, and guiding patients, families, and health professionals through the most difficult of times.

Perhaps you are able to give a little more, £17 a month for a year could fund a compassionate, skilled and experienced Hospice at Home Carer to provide care overnight, enabling a patient to stay at home at the end of their life. A gift that is truly beyond value.

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