Thank you this Christmas from Dorothy House

  • 4 December, 2023
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Christmas Appeal Gina Procter

This year, more than ever, we recognise that most of us are feeling the effects of escalating financial  pressures. With that in mind, we wanted to share some Christmas spirit with you. We have gathered heartfelt Christmas messages from our team – staff and volunteers – to express our gratitude for your ongoing support, and convey our seasonal reflections.

I would like to start by sharing my heartfelt Christmas wish with you that Dorothy House is sufficiently supported in order that it may always continue to provide care.

We know this holiday season will be challenging for many of us. Despite the challenges, we pledge to continue offering the care and comfort our patients and families deserve. We foresee a winter of high demand for our services, with our community team busier than ever. We understand these pressures and want to ensure you know how much we appreciate your ongoing support.

Christmas Appeal “Together, we share common goals and wishes – to provide support and comfort to those in need.”
Gareth Bowley.

In these trying times, we are even more committed to making every precious penny count and are always looking for ways to extend the lifespan of critical equipment, ensuring your generous donations are maximised.

To highlight the cost of crucial equipment needed to reduce pain for our patients, a syringe driver costs £1,200 and the plastic box it sits in nearly £150. Your support, no matter the amount, contributes to the care and comfort our patients need.

We are incredibly thankful for every form of support, whether big or small. Even a £5 donation makes a meaningful difference and is invested in the most efficient and impactful way.

Christmas APpeal 2024



“We promise that every penny is spent wisely, so we can endure this time of extended pressure.”
Amanda Simpson.

Our community is our strength, and it’s your kindness, like that of the group of school children who so kindly contributed their pocket money to help provide more care, that sustains us through these demanding winter months.

Christmas APpeal 2024

To those feeling vulnerable this Christmas, perhaps facing a Christmas alone for the first time without a loved one, Dorothy House remains by your side, offering support for as long as it is needed.

“We never go away; we want to be here for you, for as long as you need.”
Anne Kendall.

By supporting us, you are part of something remarkable. Your gifts touch countless lives, providing not only the big things we talk about, but also the little moments that mean the most to our patients and their families.

“We promise that your gift will help those who dearly need support this winter.”
Gary Brown.

This holiday season, whether you seek a quiet moment in our garden, a visit to our Christmas tree, a walk through the Firefly Woods, or simply someone to talk to, you are always welcome.


From all of us at Dorothy House, thank you and we wish you a peaceful and joyous Christmas.

Gina Proctor,
Senior Sister IPU

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