World-renowned artist doubles Dorothy House Fireflies

Fireflies Bruce Munro - Dorothy House


As we get ready to launch our third annual Firefly appeal, we are thrilled to announce that this year artist, Bruce Munro will be doubling the number of Fireflies at Winsley House, enabling more people to join the Firefly community.

What are the Firefly woods?

Set in Dorothy House’s beautiful Hospice woodland, our firefly installation allows people to dedicate a light in a beautiful outdoor display to celebrate the life of somebody special. Each light helps more local patients and their families through the most difficult of times.

Each light represents the life and soul of a loved one – a light that will keep on shining. Watching the glistening Fireflies dancing in the night sky connects us to those special people who are no longer here – and to one another.

Bruce Munro Fireflies

Firefly accessibility all year round

Not only are we expanding Firefly Woods, which will create a more accessible path through the incredible installation, we are also enabling more people to experience the wonderfully immersive experience from afar.

With the launch of our brand new digital Fireflies also going live on the 16th June, we are bringing a new digital element to the appeal which will allow Firefly dedicators to be close to their Firefly anytime and anywhere.

You can also purchase an exclusive Firefly NFT this year, allowing you to own a unique piece of Bruce’s art, with proceeds benefiting Dorothy House.

Celebration of Life Events

Our Celebration of Life Events also continue this year. An opportunity to come together as part of the Firefly community, and experience the Fireflies alongside others who have dedicated their lights. Of course you do not need to wait for the Celebration of Life Event to visit your Firefly Light, you are very welcome to visit the fireflies at Winsley House at any time.

What Fireflies mean to our community

This year we have so grateful to Gaynor who shares the meaning of the Firefly she dedicated to Paul who died in our care.

I didn’t want Paul to have a grave or a headstone, but the light we dedicated to him is somewhere peaceful I can sit and remember our time together. We were at Dorothy House because of sad circumstances but it gave us such happy memories. It’s the closest to peace I’ve found.”

Fireflies for you

If you would like to know more about the Fireflies or our Celebration of Life events, please do keep an eye out for our Firefly Appeal email. If you normally receive post from us, please rest assured that you will also receive a physical copy of the Appeal.

If you do not receive our post and would like to receive a physical copy of this year’s appeal, please do not hesitate to get in touch with our Supporter Care Team –