New electric vehicle charging points at Dorothy House, Winsley

  • 15 February, 2024
  • News

Dorothy House is delighted to announce that the recently installed Electric Vehicle (EV) charging points in our top carpark in Winsley are now available for the use of patients, visitors, staff, volunteers and the wider community.

A ‘Green Team’ initiative

This is the culmination of a long piece of work initially sparked by the ‘Green Team’, our cross-departmental group of environmentally-minded individuals who drive change and ensure we are considering our environmental impact.

The group proposed installing EV points to encourage the use of electric vehicles, as part of our commitment to sustainability. We were delighted to then be awarded a grant by the Rank Foundation, via Hospice UK, to pay for the majority of the equipment and installation work.

Electric vehicle charging point, Winsley

How the electric vehicle charging points at Dorothy House in Winsley work

We have taken the decision to charge 40p/kwh, which is approximately 20% under the market rate, highlighting our commitment to offering this as a service for the benefit of our communities.

Anyone who would like to use the charging points needs to download the EVC Plus appa simple guide can be found here.