Creative Arts

Arts in a palliative care setting is a powerful and effective way of addressing the practical, psychological, social and spiritual issues a patient and their family may face throughout their journey of illness.

The Creative Arts Team gives patients and their families the chance to explore a variety of creative arts and use various techniques to give them a focus and diversion at a difficult and emotional time. Some people can find it difficult to talk about or share feelings, so creative arts may be a helpful and rewarding way of expressing them. The arts include painting, ceramics, craft activities, home-sewn items, silk painting, encaustic art, needle felting and mosaic.

For some people there is satisfaction in the process of being creative, and for others it is about the end product. This service is accessible to everyone – you don’t need to think of yourself as artistic to join in.

Here are some of the activities we currently run:

Creative Keepsakes

For patients and their families, and bereaved families, working together to make memories and meaningful pieces of artwork. Families meet weekly with the creative arts team, for up to six sessions.


Hand casts

For patients and their families to create a plaster of Paris hand cast of them holding hands, as a keepsake.


If this interests you and you’d like to find out more, please call our Clinical Coordination Centre on 0345 0130 555 (Monday-Friday, 8-6pm; Saturday-Sunday 9am-5pm).