A privilege to support patients – Annabel

Annabel has been a Hospice at Home carer for two and a half years. Having specialised in the care sector for 16 years, Annabel shares that it has been a privilege to be a part of the Dorothy House community and wishes she had joined the team sooner!

My previous role

'Before I worked at Dorothy House I was an agency carer for about sixteen years. Prior to that I was a dental nurse. As an agency worker I had some experience in palliative care already. What first attracted me to the role at Dorothy House was their amazing reputation in the community. People are just so thankful for what they do. I’ve worked here for two and half years now and I just wish I had started sooner!'

Annabel - a privilege to support patients in their home

The Dorothy House community offers something different

'Compared to my previous role it’s very different at Dorothy House. You’ve got so much support and you’re given the time you need to spend with the patients and their families.

We get lots of training and are well supported in the role. My colleagues are absolutely amazing and the education team are very good.

To anyone thinking about a role with Hospice at Home I would say come and give Dorothy House a try! A lot of people don’t think they have the necessary skills or knowledge for the job, but with the new Tulip standard course and the support of the education team and colleagues, you will.'