Teen bereavement support – Jess’s story

19 year-old Jess’s mum died in May 2021. Cared for at home by Dorothy House’s Community Palliative Care Nurses, Jess saw first-hand the vital role we can play at the end of life both for patients and families.

Teen bereavement support

After her mum’s death, Jess joined Dorothy House's Teen Bereavement Group and has been working with our family support team to navigate her own bereavement journey.

In this honest and disarming interview Jess, our new Young People's Ambassador, shares her experience of death, grief and bereavement and its catastrophic impact on her academic career and personal life.

Jess Sheridan with her cat - Teen Bereavement

Dorothy House Ambassador for Young People

Encouraging schools to be better prepared for dealing with grief, and understanding the impact this can have on relationships and studies, is a cause Jess is championing since losing her mum. This is a key priority for Dorothy House and we will continue to work with schools to ensure they have the resources and knowledge needed to support bereaved young people in their care.

1 in 20 children experience the death of a parent before the age of 16. Jess's experience is a vital call to action for us to work collaboratively to ensure children and young people do not become hidden mourners.