Bereavement help and support

Most people in bereavement will receive all the support and help they need from family and friends. However, for some, the opportunity to meet with a professional bereavement worker or other recently bereaved people facing similar challenges can be helpful.

You may need extra support if you:

  • are isolated, have no-one to confide in and feel you want to talk about what has happened
  • are not sleeping or eating normally, or are having bad dreams or nightmares
  • cannot concentrate or function effectively
  • continue to feel tense, confused, empty, exhausted or depressed
  • are having accidents or are over reliant on alcohol or drugs
  • had an ambivalent relationship with the person who has died
  • have experienced more then one major loss or change recently

If you already have contact with a Nurse Specialist or another professional at Dorothy House, they can offer you support in the early stages of your bereavement. This might include a visit or a number of telephone calls.

Complementary Therapies are also available to people who have been recently bereaved, or you might be interested in our Creative Keepsakes.

If you would like to meet up with other people, we also have a number of groups and ‘drop-ins’:



Plot to Plate

Coffee Club