Skydive – Kelvin’s story

Taking the jump for Dorothy House

Kelvin challenged himself to a skydive to raise vital funds for Dorothy House after his wife died at the Hospice in 2019. From the incredible nurses and staff who cared for his wife during her stay on the IPU at Winsley House, to the peace our beautiful grounds brought to him, Kelvin shares why Dorothy House holds such a special place in his heart.

After his wife's death, Kelvin kept in contact with Dorothy House though our Writing Through Grief bereavement group, where his love for writing blossomed. Kelvin now writes poems for those closest to him. One of these poems can be heard at the end of Kelvin's skydive video above.


Kelvin skydiving with instructor


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Pre-flight excitement

I can thoroughly recommend this whole experience! From the ‘banter’ with your fellow jumpers after kitting-up to the armchair-landing episodes later.

When you finally get called for your aircraft ‘ride’, a sense of excitement sets in. The ‘banter’ carries on with your instructors and passengers. The crew film various elated faces! You take off – no turning back now – and steadily climb to 15,000ft. (3 miles high) Eventually the red lights turn to green and it’s time. The door opens…

I watched as the first young girl looked, took a gasp, arched her body with her instructor, then she disappeared downwards! My cameraman, Adam, was next. Now it’s my turn…

Nothing, absolutely nothing, can prepare you for the moment! My instructor, Mias, positions us on the edge. A look up at the blue sky, a second to breath, then WOW!! (‘Just Do It’)

You plunge vertically above the clouds and sensationally begin to ‘fly’! All trepidation is gone, you can feel the exhilaration and acceleration. Put your hands out and you are 'on the wing’! Suddenly my cameraman, Adam, appears amazingly plummeting down at the same speed and touches fists with me! I try to make hand signals but the buffeting from the upward draught makes it difficult. My time of freefall is nearly over as we descend through the clouds.


Kelvin smiling with thumbs up in skydive aircraft


Descending through the clouds

Mias then deploys the parachute. A sudden jolt and after two miles of descent it feels like you are going back up again!

Now all the rushing and sheer manic upheaval of your life stops. As we come through the remaining wisps of cloud, the journey takes on a different mode.

As we gaze over to the Isle of Wight I realise I can hear Mias talking. A pleasant conversation ensues as we perform a series of twists and turns that seem to take forever. My body now feels a sense of euphoria! The English Channel appears and disappears as we gently float towards houses and fields. It may even be time for quiet contemplation as the ground come up to meet us! Over the airfield I can spot my friends and family. We take one big turn and although still very high, Mias, my instructor calls to Adam who has already landed. A steep descent down to the grass and a gentle ‘armchair’ bump to the ground.

An exhilarating experience - the ultimate thrill factor!

It's over, magnificent, glorious, mind-bending, thoroughtly exhilarating experience! After and adrenalin rush like that, it makes you want more. Although when you finally stop and stand you can feel a bit queasy and light-headed. The crew are on hand with a welcome bottle of water. All my fellow jumpers and myself hop into the van and we discuss our jumps before opening doors and let celebrations begin.

We all de-kit and have a round of applause for each other whilst being presented with our certificates. Back to family and friends.

No better thrill factor! Unforgettable!

Don't forget, you can sign up here to our skydive day on Saturday 21 September at GoSkydive in Salisbury! If you can't make our skydive day, we have lots of opportunities to skydive with Skydive Buzz in Devon here.