Community groups

Being with others and sharing the experiences of people who are also grieving can be hugely supportive.

So, we offer community groups and interest-based groups that are open to anyone who has been bereaved. The variety of our groups means that individual needs are met and the flexibility of their frequency means that you can find one that will work for you.

IMPORTANT UPDATE: Please note that some of our groups and workshops are unable to meet in person or have been temporarily suspended due to current government restrictions. To find our more about this, please contact us using the details below.


In this section you’ll find a brief summary of each adult bereavement group that we offer. There are details about what you can expect, how often the group meets and when they meet.


To find out more about any of the groups, to book a space or to get an update on the current status of any of our groups, get in touch with the team:
Phone: 01225 721 496

Bereavement Online Peer Support (BOPS)

We recognise that during these restricted times, without the presence of family and friends for support, the process of healing can feel delayed as the isolation and loneliness inherent in grief feels all the more acute and intense.  Connection with others who understand, through similar experience, can feel valuable and reassuring.

Our BOPS groups provide an opportunity for connecting with others by being both supported by and supportive of, others in the group. BOPS groups meet weekly for six sessions and are facilitated by members of the Bereavement Team.

Our BOPS meetings will begin again in May 2021. For more information or to register your interest,
please contact our team using the information above.

Friends in Grief (FIG)

We recognise that grief is something we will all encounter at some point in our lives but when someone close to us dies we can be left feeling lost and alone, in a strange world. Having a place to go, where we feel able to share our thoughts and fears, can help us to see that, far from going ‘mad’, what we are feeling is a natural and normal part of grieving.

Friends in Grief (FIG) is a community-based ‘light touch’ drop-in service where anyone who has been touched by grief is welcome. In an informal but supportive setting, facilitated by trained Dorothy House volunteers, it’s a place where you can be with others who are bereaved.

Mindfulness meditation sessions

These are one-off sessions that last around an hour and are held on Zoom from 7– 8pm, weekly. They are an introduction to mindfulness meditation with an opportunity to practise this simple, yet transformative, technique.

Also, check out the mindfulness meditation Facebook page here for weekly live mindfulness meditation sessions that last around 15 minutes. No previous experience is necessary; the time is spent on focusing the breath.

Walking Through Grief

We invite you to a series of guided walks through the west Wiltshire countryside. A variety of fortnightly, gentle walks, in the safety of an informal and small group.

Alongside the therapeutic benefits of walking, we offer the opportunity for conversation and company, fully supported by members of our Bereavement Team. Walks are suitable for all levels of fitness and there’s always time to share a hot drink at the end.

Friday’s Writing Hour

We invite you to discover this new online writing space. It’s a place where you can drop in with paper and pen, your thoughts and a cuppa. Whether you’ve always kept a journal and writing is a part of your life or if writing for wellbeing is entirely new for you and you’re a little hesitant, This space is for you.

The group meets on Friday mornings at 10.30am on Zoom.

After the success of the Writing Through Grief workshops, the Family Support Team is offering this group to everyone in our community to bring their differing and varied experiences of the last year and lockdown.

A writing theme will be offered each week in a relaxed group setting, with time to chat and reflect. This group focuses on the process of writing, not creating a polished end product. You can use your own words to freely explore each theme as you feel comfortable. There will be opportunities — but no obligation — to share your writing with the group.

This group encourages you to:

  • Witness your own thoughts and feelings through a variety of writing activities
  • Uncover surprises and memories, give clarity to thoughts and bring reassurance
  • Step back from the present, then return to it after writing
  • Hear other people’s stories of finding peace through writing.

In a time where many of us are feeling a sense of isolation and distance from others, we encourage you to join us in writing together.